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Friday, April 28, 2017

Is It a Dupe?!?

So over the past few years, liquid lipsticks have been all the rage. Hell even I am on board with that trend. For the simple reason of they typically don't transfer to anything.

Now as a mom I like to find things that are affordable and good quality. Occasionally I'll splurge and get something nice, which leads me to my topics. I have been keeping up with this brand for a while, way before it was even available. And that is Jeffrey star cosmetics.  I love how crazy some of the colors are while the line has a ton of wearable shades of liquid lipstick.

However, I can't just pop out $18+ for every single one I want. With the exception of the deals she has occasionally. So because of how pricey they can be, I sought out to find something of similar Formula and I found it, if not better.

So WetNWild cosmetics came out with a liquid lipstick called the liquid catsuit, and I have to say it it very similar to the velour liquid lipsticks. My thing is both are lovely products, but the liquid catsuit seems to actually dry down all the way where as the JSC liquid lip stays somewhat tacky.

There's pros and con's to both,but both are equally good products in my book. The similarities are 1) packaging...yes even though there's different designs, you take one look at WNW and think...yup thats the exact packaging down to the applicator. They're both very opaque and go on with just about one swipe.

But when put to the kiss test ( or in my case touch test) it seemed more like WNW won. As I said before the JSC stays a bit tacky.

But then when you try the drink test...WNW kind of flops...I noticed the inner lip was practically gone and needed reapplication after a drink. JSC tends to hold up better in that area. But any who, the WNW liquid catsuit is a great dupe for the velour liquid lipsticks if you ask me. There might not be crazy colors, but there's a great selection for everyday wear.

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