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Monday, March 27, 2017

Essence Gel Nail Polish Review

So not too long ago I had come across these beautiful shades of peach and mint polishes. Those are usually my go to colors for summer, I don't know why. In my mind I thought they were your typical nail polishes until I looked a wee bit closer.

Low and behold they were gel nail polish. I have never used gel polish before. I have heard many things about it and have seen tons of commercials on it, but have been too scared to try it. Until that fateful day lol.

So browsing through the drugstore side of Ulta looking for new Maybelline cosmetics and yesto inc products, I come across the essence cosmetics display.  Now I have never used this brand, but I've heard a lot about it and I've never given it a second look because let's face it I'm kind of a brand snob. I've been wanting to change that and expand my horizons a bit.

So as I'm looking through the display I see the mint and peach colors. Yay! So I grab them and was about to walk away because I thought I was done. Well reading the bottles it says in bold letters "GEL POLISH"
So with that being said I thought oh I have to get one of those system things. Luckily I only had to get a top coat and a base coat. In total I think all four polishes were about $12 together.

Fast forward a bit to actually applying it. So the claims on it say
"No lamp"
"Last 60% better"
"Extreme shine"

Doesn't sound too bad right?
Wrong. But well get there in a minute. First I want to talk about all the nice things about it. Because they're are some good things about it. The colors were pigmented for sure. I only had to do one coat for full satisfaction. That part had me thinking "oh hey this could be my new favorite polish!" The brush on it was a perk too. I don't know why but shorter brushes for nail polish just seem so much easier to handle lol.

I was wrong though. After doing the step by step process of base coat, color, and top coat I realized this takes forever to dry
Like an hour plus. I may be over exaggerating a bit but that's honestly what it felt like. The base ad top coat for some reason had a super thick consistency which I was not a fan of. But for the sake of trying it out, I had to be a trooper and deal with it.

So over the next few day I watched to see how well it held up to the claim. It was fine for about four days and then out of no where it was like I broke glass. That polished chipped so fast it was not funny! Like I wish I had a picture just to show how bad it was. Now keep in mind I am not saying it was a bad product. I'm just saying it wasn't really for me. I like something that's going to last a while.

Overall I am not completely displeased with them, I am just not a big fan. So if I had to grade this...I'd give the top and base coat a C and the polishes themselves get a B because I was really pleased with the coverage.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All items were purchased by me.*

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