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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Makeup and Skincare Truths.

So I've come across all types of make up and skincare that were either amazing or just did not work for me. That wasn't a problem, it just means it didn't work for me. It does not mean that its a horrible product. Same goes for high end makeup vs drugstore makeup.

Now with that being said this may be a lengthy post. It all started with a text message I had received this morning. I was asked if I could help by donating a bit of makeup to her because she had lost her makeup bag. No problem there, I was absolutely willing to help. But the next message got me a bit worked up....she said I know I can trust you because you have that good name brand stuff and not that cheap stuff that's bad for my skin.

First off I was a little shocked. Not by the statement she thought I had nothing but name brands, but the fact she thought "cheap" makeup was bad. I am flattered she thought I was about the nothing but high end life, but I'm not. I am a budget girl. Like tight budget. If you're a mom you'll understand what I mean.

But back to my point. Drugstore makeup is not cheap. At least not now. From the many years of being drugstore brand girl I can tell you once quality started getting better, the prices started rising. Take Maybelline for example, I remember their products being less that $10. Once they started coming out with their nude palettes, primers, setting powder, and setting spray they started getting pricy. Another brand that I think doesn't get a lot of credit is elf cosmetics. When I was in high school  I would always snub this section because I thought it was poor quality.

I finally bit the bullet and bought a few things and I have to say they're really good. Like really good. Over the years they have stepped their game up! They have what seems like everything now, including their own skincare line.

Speaking of have to take care of your skin people. If you struggle with acne or anything like that, chances are you're touching your face too much and not deep cleaning. If you have naturally struggled with acne and every product on the market hasn't seem to be working, you might have to see a dermatologist. My brother had to so there's no embarrassment to be there if you're afraid to go see a dermatologist.

But any who...when it came to skincare a few years back I thought I had to have name brand this that and the other. Hell I even went on an "organic only" trend. Which turns out it wasn't 100% organic and I'm ok with that it happened and I wound up spending money on it anyway. Now those of you wondering, they weren't bad products, some of them just didn't work for me. I like the whole idea of the brand itself ( ) and what they're trying to do but like most things its a to each is their own thing.

Moving on to about last year, watching YouTube tutorials and reviews on some of these bomb products, I felt that I just oh so needed them. They were name brand I won't even lie. Clinique to be exact. That brand is just a bit out of budget for me so I started looking for alternatives and I found them! Right in my local Walmart and they were affordable. By half the price too! The product I had wanted from Clinique was the "take the day away" beauty balm, which ran a good $35 and that was a bit much for me. But I found this...

From what all the reviews have said, its exactly the same. Same goes for all the other equate beauty products. The ones in this line are supposed to be dupes for  products in the Clinique brand. And I feel better about paying half the price for my generic brands. If they work they work and I don't complain. If you're wanting to give them a try they have a travel set for less than $20. And you get three decent sized travel sizes.

My point of this is to say that just because its name brand doesn't mean its good. Hell it could be amazing, but if you just can't fit it into you budget there are alternatives. Same goes for makeup. Hop on pinterest, YouTube, or even blogs. There are tons of makeup dupes out there. You just have to find them.

Thank you for taking the time to come visit me here at Ms.Maker Clam and Cupcakes, and I'll see you next time!

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