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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Getting Carried Away!

So for the past few days I've been getting into baking more and more. And may have got out of hand. I say that because as of this weekend I did some damage at JoAnn's in the Wilton baking section.

What can I say? I get really excited about all the pretty things they have. So much that I wanted to buy just about everything I could fit into those tiny carts JoAnn's have. Especially those storage containers for decorating tools. The purple and white just look so nice.
Instead of doing what I should have done I went completely out of order. I just grabbed whatever I thought looked cool at the time and ran with it...thus resulting in a weird haul. Which includes...

101 cookie cutters
2 sets of 150 cupcake liners
1 Cake icer tip (you know the big jumbo one)
1 Basic set of cake icing tips
1 Basic set of cookie icing tips
Another set of cookie icing tips (the screw on caps for the premade icing)
1 9in. Spatula
1 Cupcake pan
1 12 count icing colors
1 spoonula
1 set of perfect cupcake scoops
1 set 12in. Piping bags
1 set of couplers
1 rolling pin
1 set of piping bag ties
1 tub of meringue powder
1 tub of buttercream icing.
And last but not least a ton of sprinkles.

So I indeed went a little wild. But I have no regrets because my kids sure loved the cookies I made, plus the rest of the family think I have a talent for my cupcakes. So maybe this is my new thing? I don't know yet but that's why I am here. To tell y'all about my baking adventures and such.
Oh! Before I forget, I finally found a semi decent storage for all my baking tools and its ok for now but it needs a little work.

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