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Friday, April 28, 2017

Is It a Dupe?!?

So over the past few years, liquid lipsticks have been all the rage. Hell even I am on board with that trend. For the simple reason of they typically don't transfer to anything.

Now as a mom I like to find things that are affordable and good quality. Occasionally I'll splurge and get something nice, which leads me to my topics. I have been keeping up with this brand for a while, way before it was even available. And that is Jeffrey star cosmetics.  I love how crazy some of the colors are while the line has a ton of wearable shades of liquid lipstick.

However, I can't just pop out $18+ for every single one I want. With the exception of the deals she has occasionally. So because of how pricey they can be, I sought out to find something of similar Formula and I found it, if not better.

So WetNWild cosmetics came out with a liquid lipstick called the liquid catsuit, and I have to say it it very similar to the velour liquid lipsticks. My thing is both are lovely products, but the liquid catsuit seems to actually dry down all the way where as the JSC liquid lip stays somewhat tacky.

There's pros and con's to both,but both are equally good products in my book. The similarities are 1) packaging...yes even though there's different designs, you take one look at WNW and think...yup thats the exact packaging down to the applicator. They're both very opaque and go on with just about one swipe.

But when put to the kiss test ( or in my case touch test) it seemed more like WNW won. As I said before the JSC stays a bit tacky.

But then when you try the drink test...WNW kind of flops...I noticed the inner lip was practically gone and needed reapplication after a drink. JSC tends to hold up better in that area. But any who, the WNW liquid catsuit is a great dupe for the velour liquid lipsticks if you ask me. There might not be crazy colors, but there's a great selection for everyday wear.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Hey guys! So sorry for the late post on the March glam bag. It took me a little while to get around to it, but better late than never.

So first off let's talk about the bag. I think its cute. I love the rose gold tones but the overall design was a little plain to me. I'll find a use for it aside from a mini makeup bag 😉. Especially since I have quite a few clam bags already.

So onto the goodies inside. The first thing I was really excited for was the Skone blending brush. I don't have a blending brush quite like this so it was really nice to add to my collection of brushes. Not to mention its incredibly soft and works like a dream. I'm considering possibly ordering more brushes from this brand.

The next goodie was the Tastiest lip paint. I don't have a lot of products from Tarte, so this was a treat to receive. I don't know the shade color off the top of my head, but this shade is deffinently something I can get down with. Chances are I'd wear this daily since it's such a subtle color. The size of the product was very generous too. That way I will be able to have a better opinion after a few Uses.

I always love when ipsy send lotions in my bags because I have an obsession with hand creams. All the ones I've received from ipsy have always smelled like some kind of food. The only time I was dissatisfied with a lotion was the glam bag that came with the peppermint hand cream, because I am not a big peppermint fan.

The next item Is the Marula face oil. I can honestly say I don't have an opinion on it because the last face oil I used really bothered me. Yes it made my face nice and soft, but it made my face feel gross. And since then I'm just not a fan of face oils.

Last but not least is the So Susan blush and glow. At first glance I seriously thought it was a blush. After searching it I realized that this would make a bomb ass highlight. Its incredibly pigmented. I would use it as an eye shadow too because it is that pretty. I need to try it put a little more before I can give a full opinion on it

So that's my March ipsy clam bag for you guys. I hope you enjoyed. Until next time loves!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Essence Gel Nail Polish Review

So not too long ago I had come across these beautiful shades of peach and mint polishes. Those are usually my go to colors for summer, I don't know why. In my mind I thought they were your typical nail polishes until I looked a wee bit closer.

Low and behold they were gel nail polish. I have never used gel polish before. I have heard many things about it and have seen tons of commercials on it, but have been too scared to try it. Until that fateful day lol.

So browsing through the drugstore side of Ulta looking for new Maybelline cosmetics and yesto inc products, I come across the essence cosmetics display.  Now I have never used this brand, but I've heard a lot about it and I've never given it a second look because let's face it I'm kind of a brand snob. I've been wanting to change that and expand my horizons a bit.

So as I'm looking through the display I see the mint and peach colors. Yay! So I grab them and was about to walk away because I thought I was done. Well reading the bottles it says in bold letters "GEL POLISH"
So with that being said I thought oh I have to get one of those system things. Luckily I only had to get a top coat and a base coat. In total I think all four polishes were about $12 together.

Fast forward a bit to actually applying it. So the claims on it say
"No lamp"
"Last 60% better"
"Extreme shine"

Doesn't sound too bad right?
Wrong. But well get there in a minute. First I want to talk about all the nice things about it. Because they're are some good things about it. The colors were pigmented for sure. I only had to do one coat for full satisfaction. That part had me thinking "oh hey this could be my new favorite polish!" The brush on it was a perk too. I don't know why but shorter brushes for nail polish just seem so much easier to handle lol.

I was wrong though. After doing the step by step process of base coat, color, and top coat I realized this takes forever to dry
Like an hour plus. I may be over exaggerating a bit but that's honestly what it felt like. The base ad top coat for some reason had a super thick consistency which I was not a fan of. But for the sake of trying it out, I had to be a trooper and deal with it.

So over the next few day I watched to see how well it held up to the claim. It was fine for about four days and then out of no where it was like I broke glass. That polished chipped so fast it was not funny! Like I wish I had a picture just to show how bad it was. Now keep in mind I am not saying it was a bad product. I'm just saying it wasn't really for me. I like something that's going to last a while.

Overall I am not completely displeased with them, I am just not a big fan. So if I had to grade this...I'd give the top and base coat a C and the polishes themselves get a B because I was really pleased with the coverage.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All items were purchased by me.*

Friday, January 20, 2017

January Ipsy Glam Bag.

Its here guys! The ipsy glam bag came a few days early and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you. For some time now I wanted to do an ipsy glam bag series, weather it be via youtube or blog. But since I don't like the sound of my voice, blog it is. Now lets talk a little bit about the bag itself before we get into the products shall we.

So in the description of the bag it says "this silver stunner was inspired by skyskrapers! Wear it uptown, downtown, or wherever you'll be slaying this month." For me personally I don't like the bag and that happens sometimes. No biggie. Its just not really my taste. I thought from the preview they send you via e-mail looked like gold embellishments. When I got the bag today and got to view it up close and personal, its like fishnet almost. I know that's not the word I'm looking for But that's all that comes to mind right this second.

Moving on to the goodies in the bag and the descriptions...

Manna Kadar Cosmetics
Paradise Blush
"The warm pink with apricot undertones brightens up pale complexions, but also pops on darker skin…no small feat in the blush world. But even more so than the color, we can’t get enough of the radiant finish that’s just shimmery enough without looking crazy glittery."

My thoughts: I thought from first glance that it was hella dark for my skin tone. But it does look very pretty. I'll still have to test it out to see how I really feel about it.

Rimmel London conditioning lip balm by Kate Moss.
As if we needed more reasons to heart Kate Moss, her partnership with Rimmel just seals the deal, especially when it comes to this delightful lip balm. Scrumptiously creamy, it leaves your pucker moisturized and looking fresh and healthy—and stays that way, all day. Still, it feels and smells so good (just the tiniest bit sweet), that you won’t be able to stop yourself from applying it every two minutes

My thoughts: I like it a lot. I won't say I absolutely love it and would go out and purchase it again and again. I will say the claims are a bit off. There's not really a taste or a smell to it. Other than that I really enjoy it.

Thebalm cosmetics
Bahama mama.
When you get back from a beach vaycay, your skin looks sun-kissed, not orange, right? Point being, any natural-looking bronzer is going to have brown undertones, and this one nails it. And since it’s matte, you can also use it to contour, as shadow, or to fill in brows.

My thoughts:
Honestly I thought it was an eye shadow. When I realized it was a bronzer I got a little bummed. Its not that I don't like bronzer, its just the sample they gave you is really small. But I can't complain. I'll have to fiddle more with it to see how I feel about it more.

Naked cosmetics
Mica pigment in desert sunset #02

Made with the most vivid pigments, so we get more color on our lids. And the gorgeous shimmery champagne shade is still giving us a buzz.

My thoughts:
OMG OMG OMG!!!! I remember seeing these come out way back in the day....well 2007-2008. And I remember thinking I have to have them! But of course being a kid in highschool at the time, just a stack of pigments was pretty expensive. Now that I've received this I will say I do love it for that quick swipe of color when you're o. The run does wonders. And it stays put!

And last but not least...

Ciaté London
GELOLOGY top coat.
Yah, gel manis are fab, but the removal process can be a total pain (does anyone have time for a soak off, really?). Paint on this top coat and you’ll get the same salon-worthy shine, long-lasting wear, and that plump and full look that you just can’t get from plain polish

My thoughts: I haven't tried it but if it can prove to me that its better than seche veite than I'll be one happy girl! Seche hasn't been working at all and I need another top coat so we will see how this goes!

Thank you for sticking around and reading today, I hope you enjoyed yourself and I will see you next time!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Makeup and Skincare Truths.

So I've come across all types of make up and skincare that were either amazing or just did not work for me. That wasn't a problem, it just means it didn't work for me. It does not mean that its a horrible product. Same goes for high end makeup vs drugstore makeup.

Now with that being said this may be a lengthy post. It all started with a text message I had received this morning. I was asked if I could help by donating a bit of makeup to her because she had lost her makeup bag. No problem there, I was absolutely willing to help. But the next message got me a bit worked up....she said I know I can trust you because you have that good name brand stuff and not that cheap stuff that's bad for my skin.

First off I was a little shocked. Not by the statement she thought I had nothing but name brands, but the fact she thought "cheap" makeup was bad. I am flattered she thought I was about the nothing but high end life, but I'm not. I am a budget girl. Like tight budget. If you're a mom you'll understand what I mean.

But back to my point. Drugstore makeup is not cheap. At least not now. From the many years of being drugstore brand girl I can tell you once quality started getting better, the prices started rising. Take Maybelline for example, I remember their products being less that $10. Once they started coming out with their nude palettes, primers, setting powder, and setting spray they started getting pricy. Another brand that I think doesn't get a lot of credit is elf cosmetics. When I was in high school  I would always snub this section because I thought it was poor quality.

I finally bit the bullet and bought a few things and I have to say they're really good. Like really good. Over the years they have stepped their game up! They have what seems like everything now, including their own skincare line.

Speaking of have to take care of your skin people. If you struggle with acne or anything like that, chances are you're touching your face too much and not deep cleaning. If you have naturally struggled with acne and every product on the market hasn't seem to be working, you might have to see a dermatologist. My brother had to so there's no embarrassment to be there if you're afraid to go see a dermatologist.

But any who...when it came to skincare a few years back I thought I had to have name brand this that and the other. Hell I even went on an "organic only" trend. Which turns out it wasn't 100% organic and I'm ok with that it happened and I wound up spending money on it anyway. Now those of you wondering, they weren't bad products, some of them just didn't work for me. I like the whole idea of the brand itself ( ) and what they're trying to do but like most things its a to each is their own thing.

Moving on to about last year, watching YouTube tutorials and reviews on some of these bomb products, I felt that I just oh so needed them. They were name brand I won't even lie. Clinique to be exact. That brand is just a bit out of budget for me so I started looking for alternatives and I found them! Right in my local Walmart and they were affordable. By half the price too! The product I had wanted from Clinique was the "take the day away" beauty balm, which ran a good $35 and that was a bit much for me. But I found this...

From what all the reviews have said, its exactly the same. Same goes for all the other equate beauty products. The ones in this line are supposed to be dupes for  products in the Clinique brand. And I feel better about paying half the price for my generic brands. If they work they work and I don't complain. If you're wanting to give them a try they have a travel set for less than $20. And you get three decent sized travel sizes.

My point of this is to say that just because its name brand doesn't mean its good. Hell it could be amazing, but if you just can't fit it into you budget there are alternatives. Same goes for makeup. Hop on pinterest, YouTube, or even blogs. There are tons of makeup dupes out there. You just have to find them.

Thank you for taking the time to come visit me here at Ms.Maker Clam and Cupcakes, and I'll see you next time!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Getting Carried Away!

So for the past few days I've been getting into baking more and more. And may have got out of hand. I say that because as of this weekend I did some damage at JoAnn's in the Wilton baking section.

What can I say? I get really excited about all the pretty things they have. So much that I wanted to buy just about everything I could fit into those tiny carts JoAnn's have. Especially those storage containers for decorating tools. The purple and white just look so nice.
Instead of doing what I should have done I went completely out of order. I just grabbed whatever I thought looked cool at the time and ran with it...thus resulting in a weird haul. Which includes...

101 cookie cutters
2 sets of 150 cupcake liners
1 Cake icer tip (you know the big jumbo one)
1 Basic set of cake icing tips
1 Basic set of cookie icing tips
Another set of cookie icing tips (the screw on caps for the premade icing)
1 9in. Spatula
1 Cupcake pan
1 12 count icing colors
1 spoonula
1 set of perfect cupcake scoops
1 set 12in. Piping bags
1 set of couplers
1 rolling pin
1 set of piping bag ties
1 tub of meringue powder
1 tub of buttercream icing.
And last but not least a ton of sprinkles.

So I indeed went a little wild. But I have no regrets because my kids sure loved the cookies I made, plus the rest of the family think I have a talent for my cupcakes. So maybe this is my new thing? I don't know yet but that's why I am here. To tell y'all about my baking adventures and such.
Oh! Before I forget, I finally found a semi decent storage for all my baking tools and its ok for now but it needs a little work.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Coffee Cupcake fail!

Good evening! I hope everyone is doing well and is in the mood for a coffee related treat! So earlier tonight I was telling my step father about this blog and once he hear the name he said, "You need to have the word cupcake in your title! Oooh, I know you should make coffee cupcakes!"  I thought to myself  that would be cool, but I don't think coffee cupcakes is a it?

well low and behold ladies and gentlemen it sure does. I took some time to look for the perfect recipe and I found one that was pretty simple. I will link that recipe here ( ) because I had to improvise my batch due to following the directions wrong. They still came out pretty decent, from what my fiancĂ© says. I'm not too sure if he is saying they were good to make me happy or if they genuinely
were good.

So the recipe goes like this.....

1 1/3 cups of all purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon ground all spice
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup unsalted butter at room temperature
3/4 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup of brewed coffee
1 1/2 teaspoons of instant coffee granules
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 cup of prepared white frosting
24 chocolate covered coffee beans

I however didn't follow it all correctly....I just happened to put all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl (excluding the last four ingredients listed) and hoped for the best. here is what I did...

It doesn't look too pretty but it smelled really good. I forgot to let the butter sit out to soften so I had a rough time getting mixed. So...beginners mistake. Luckily it all worked out and they came out fine. My only issue was that once they cooled, the tops got really stiff. I could thump it and it wouldn't budge. However the inside was nice and moist. so it was kind of a win/lose moment.
 I am not going to post how much of a mess attempting to make the icing was. That was a whole different kind of mess and I'm a little embarrassed. lets just say you can not make coffee flavored icing with only confectioners sugar, coffee, and meringue powder. My kitchen island hates me for it but lesson learned. I hope you enjoyed my coffee cupcakes and have a wonderful night, I will see you next time!